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Join us for worship this Sunday at 10:00 AM.

What to Expect

Location and Service Time

Orchard Community Church is located in charming downtown Campbell, California. We invite you to visit us this Sunday morning for our service.

Service Time: Sunday @10:00 AM

157 E. Rincon Ave Campbell, CA 95008

(408) 379-1682

Orchard Community Church

We are located just off of downtown Campbell. Come and join us for worship on Sunday at 10:00 AM.

Current Series

At Orchard Community Church, we place a high value on the Bible – which we believe to be God’s inerrant and infallible self-revelation to man. We view the Bible as God’s ultimate authority for understanding Who God is what He has done and how we, as humans, should respond to Him.

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The Latest from OCC

New Series: “2 Peter: Faith That Never Falls”

In 2 Peter, the Apostle Peter continues with a very similar theme that he began in 1 Peter. In 1 Peter, he prepared Christians for the suffering and persecution they would inevitably face. This time out, the Apostle Peter again helps bolster Christians’ faith as... read more

Former Series: The Pillars of Belief

We just finished our series on Sundays called “The Pillars of Belief”. Christianity in general had strayed off course by the 1500’s and thankfully there were those who stood against incredible opposition to call for a reformation back to the Truths... read more

VBS 2017: Operation Arctic

Summer Fun is around the corner!   Operation Arctic VBS, hosted by Orchard Community Church, is a great way for your K-5th grader to start their summer fun! With the Operation Arctic VBS 2017 theme, your kids will warm up to the Bible as they explore the coolest Book... read more

Monthly Calendar

We have a variety of ways for God’s people to grow, get equipped and connect in community.

Events at OCC

The Orchard Community

We believe church is more than a worship service on a Sunday. The church is truly the people of God living out the ‘one anothers’ as they grow in their relationship with Christ both individually and in community together.

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