We just finished our series on Sundays called “The Pillars of Belief”. Christianity in general had strayed off course by the 1500’s and thankfully there were those who stood against incredible opposition to call for a reformation back to the Truths in which it was founded on. This year marks the 500th anniversary of this Reformation. As a church, it is important that we understand these Truths not only for their significance in history but for how they matter today…and tomorrow. Here are the 5 key “pillars”  of what Christianity rests upon – we will cover what they mean and why they are so important in the weeks to come:

  • By God’s Word Alone
  • By Faith Alone
  • By Grace Alone
  • By Christ Alone
  • For God’s Glory Alone

Here is the link to catch-up on this central series: Pillars of Belief