What is  “Union with Christ” and why is it important? Here are some quotes from notable theologians as to the importance of this doctrine:

“Being in Christ, and united to him, is the fundamental constitution of a Christian.” (Thomas Goodwin as quoted by Wilbourne, Rankin. Union with Christ: The Way to Know and Enjoy God, Kindle Locations 355-356, David C. Cook)

That indwelling of Christ in our hearts … that mystical union [is] accorded by us the highest degree of importance.” (John Calvin as quoted by ibid. Kindle Locations 352-354)

John Murray wrote that “union with Christ is . . . the central truth of the whole doctrine of salvation. . . . It is not simply a phase of the application of redemption; it underlies every aspect of redemption” (Redemption–Accomplished and Applied [Eerdmans, 1955], pp. 201, 205).

Anthony Hoekema wrote that “Once you have your eyes opened to this concept of union with Christ, you will find it almost everywhere in the New Testament” (Saved by Grace [Eerdmans, 1989], 64.

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