OCC Daily Connect: Anxiety Coronavirus Edition, March 18, 2020
Physical-Distancing, Socially-Vigilant
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Hope you all are staying connected and healthy in this current “Shelter in Place” phase in helping flatten the curve of the Coronavirus outbreak. In this edition we have included:

1. A new devotion on dealing with anxiety
2. A new women’s announcement
3. Some amazing 
FREE resources 
4. A simple life hack

1. Encouragement from the Word: Anxiety by Pastor Jeremy 

With everything going on during the “shelter in place” directive and the battle against the spread of Covid-19, there is a lot of uncertainty about the future and it can be easy for the mind to wander as feelings of anxiety build.  “When will this all be over?”  “Can it get worse?”  “Will things ever get back to normal?”  “Am I prepared for this?”  “WHO IS BUYING ALL THE TP?!” 

 “When can I see you again?”  -Babyface, philosopher.

All of these questions can fuel feelings of anxiety, yet God in His Word tells us not to be anxious.  We are told, instead, to rejoice always, to not be anxious, and to pray so that the peace of Christ might will guard our hearts and minds (Philippians 4:4-7).  Easier said than done, right?  If you’ve been a part of a church for a significant amount of time you’re familiar with all this.  You know we’re supposed to rejoice always because our joy is set on something eternal and not situational.  You know we should not be anxious, but trying to mentally turn off the anxiety switch in my body doesn’t help too much.  You know we should pray, but anxiety still creeps.  

Paul follows all this by exhorting the church to think about “whatever is true” in the following verse (4:8).  Let’s displace feelings of anxiety with exactly that.  Let’s fuel our rejoicing and prayer with what’s true.  Here are some things that this present circumstance cannot take away from you, believer:

1. God has declared the beginning from the end and this little blip sits in the middle of those two.  (Isaiah 46:8-10)

2. God does not care for you any less during this time.  (1 Peter 5:6-8)

3. We have hope and God’s love is proved (Romans 5:3-11)

4. God is working this out for your good (Romans 8:28-30)

5. This pales in comparison to our secure and future joy ( Romans 8:18)

6. Our sins are still forgiven and the new covenant promises are still true (Heb 8:8-12)

7. God is still trustworthy (Psalm 56:3-4)

Helpful material on anxiety free mini book: “Overcoming Anxiety” by David Powlison: Here

Stay safe, but stay connected.

2. WOMEN’S ANNOUNCEMENT: New Virtual Bible StudyAll OCC Ladies: Because our previous Women’s Bible Study just wrapped up, Lisa is in process of putting together an online study that you can do from home, involving a zoom meeting where you can fellowship with the other ladies. She will be sending out the details in a SEPARATE email list, so if you are interested in finding our more details as the details unfold, email Lisa ASAP: lisa@orchardcommunity.org 

Here are some helpful links as you navigate being home:
Ligoniers Ministry offers all video teaching series online for free!
This is unprecedented: Ligoniers is the ministry of RC Sproul and the teaching videos include some of the best preachers/teachers available today – UNBELIEVABLE DEAL! Teachers include: RC Sproul, Steve Lawson, Derek Thomas, HB Charles, Michael Reeves, Al Moehler, Joel Beeke, Sinclair Ferguson, Robert Godfrey, Elizabeth Elliot, etc. over 200 series! Please redeem your stay-home-time with one of these series! 
Click HERE for the list!
(if you need help picking one, please contact Pastor Todd for info)

New City Catechism
New City Catechism is a great resource for teaching children (and adults) the basics. The first 5 chapters of the curriculum are available. Perfect for parents of young children. Click here for the first 5 chapter FREE

4. SIMPLE LIFE-HACK: Bible Reading & Prayer before Everything Else
With the flurry of information coming from every angle – here’s a simple recommendation: Rather than grab your phone first thing in the morning to check social media, emails, texts, etc. – go to your Bible reading and prayer first. Its a simple hack that could totally change how your day goes. Start your day right!

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