What is the “OCC Daily Connect?” Coronavirus Edition, March 16, 2020

In light of the recommendations from the CDC and the government to adhere to “social distancing” – we’re looking at several alternative ways that we can, in fact, stay connected

First of all, I (Todd) don’t like the term “social-distancing.” Truthfully, what we are suggested to do, with good reasoning, is to practice “physical-distancing” – but we need to be socially-vigilant. Physically-distant, socially-vigilant. Thankfully in our age of technology, it is not as hard to stay socially connected as it was 100, 50 or even 15 years ago. Take advantage of the tech we have to stay connected!

One way we are trying to foster social-vigilance, is in producing an OCC Daily Connect – maybe not every day – but more frequently than just our normal once-a-week “Weekly Connect.” In the OCC Daily Connect, we want to provide resources, hacks & suggestions to keep you vigilant both in your relationship with God and with each other. Here’s to our first attempt.

Due to the latest recommendations – all OCC mid-week activities will not be meeting in person until further notification. For more information click here.  

Encouragement from the Word: Recapping Sunday
The Psalms are truly an amazing part of our Bible. Ancient songs of God’s people that are gut-level honest Truth that steers us toward exalting God in every conceivable situation. That’s why I (Todd) chose to go to Psalm 62 this past Sunday instead of continuing in Romans (although the next passage is incredibly relevant to our current crisis – tune in on Sunday, more on that later).

I referenced Psalm 56:3-4 in the benediction of yesterday’s sermon:

Psalm 56:3–4
            [3] When I am afraid,
                        I put my trust in you.
            [4] In God, whose word I praise,
                        in God I trust; I shall not be afraid.
                        What can flesh do to me? (ESV) 

What a great reminder in a time such as this. This is a great set of verses to memorize this week – will you join me in doing so? In fact, I recommend that you read all of Psalm 56. Read it now. Read it to your children or to your spouse or to your parents at some point today. Are you putting your trust in God today? He does give us more than we can handle – but never does He give us more than He can handle! 

Also, utilize the Small Groups discussion questions in your family and/or private devotions this week (see below).

Here are some helpful links as you navigate being home:

One Way to Make the Most of Being Homebound with Your Family
by Tim Challies
This is a great set of biblical learning resources.

Read Slow: An Encouragement to Read Books in a Day of Anxious Headlines by Josiah Pettit
Westminster Seminary bookstore has curated 15 chapters from 15 books for FREE that are fitting for a time such as this.

25 Hymns to Sing in Troubled Times by Matt Merker
Here is a great compilation of hymns just right for this season. Sing them.
Songs of Comfort for Anxious Souls (Free Playlist) by Bret McCracken
This is an encouraging playlist of 100 songs. Note: I can’t endorse every artist on this list (92-95%?) but overall, the songs are good on this list.

As you may be homebound, please text, email, call, social media, etc. at least 3 of your family, church family and/or friends each day to see how they are doing, how you can pray for them and if they need anything. This crisis is ripe with Gospel opportunities – take advantage of that now. Check in regularly on any of those 70+ that you know, especially.

Contact Sue Ertis with any prayer requests you may have: sue@orchardcommunity.org