Sunday’s Sermon:
“Building or Blocking in God’s Kingdom”
Removing Stumbling Blocks – Part 2
Romans 14:17-23
This Sunday will be the conclusion to last Sunday’s sermon that was cut short due to technical difficulties. Paul addresses how we handle differing opinions within the church and how we not put stumbling blocks in the way of our brothers and sisters.
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For Sunday – May 3:
Here’s what to expect his Sunday:

10:00-10:30 am: Prepare for the Sermon
Pastor Jeremy has prepared a call to worship and two worship songs to prepare your heart for the sermon. See below for links and lyrics.

10:30-11:30 am: Live Stream Service
At 10:30 am, tune in to our OCC FaceBook page for a live virtual service. The service will include announcements, prayer and this week’s sermon. You can find the link by clicking HERE 

May 3 Sermon Outline download here

You can download the Small Group Questions
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Between 10:00-10:29 AM on Sunday, prepare your heart through prayer and music with the two following songs. Click on the song title to watch the YouTube video and the lyrics are provided. In fact, feel free to use these songs anytime.

Call to worship: 1 Peter 2:1-5
Just what is it that God is building? His kingdom, His church…with us as the building blocks.

The King In All His Beauty 
(Click on the title to watch the video)

O lift your eyes to Heaven see
The Holy One eternal
Behold the Lord of Majesty
Exalted in His temple
As symphonies of angels’ praise
Now strain to sound His glory
Come worship fall before His grace
The King in all His beauty


How worthy how worthy
How worthy
The King in all His beauty

Verse 2

Now see the King who wears a crown
One made of shame and splinters
The sacrifice for ruined man
The substitute for sinners
As Earth is stained with royal blood
And quakes with love and fury
He breathes His last and bows His head
The King in all His beauty

Verse 3

Now see the Savior lifted up
The Lamb who reigns in splendor
The hope of every tribe and tongue
His kingdom is forever
Bring praise and honor to His courts
Bring wisdom power blessing
For endless ages we’ll adore
The King in all His beauty

My Life is an Offering 
(Click on the title to watch the video)

This life is an altar
Where I want to offer
My soul and my mind and strength
Cleansed by Your mercy to live a life worthy
Of the One Who called my name


Jesus be glorified
Jesus be magnified
Let me be a pleasing sacrifice
Jesus be glorified
Jesus be magnified
Here at the altar
My life is an offering

Verse 2

How could I not love You
You authored my rescue
Raised me up from death to life
Your Spirit is in me revealing Your glory
Oh what joy as I give my life


I choose to lose my life Lord
And find it in You
I choose to lose my life Lord
And find it in You