Back in 2008, I had the opportunity to go to the Desiring God national conference in Minnesota. The theme that year was “The Power of Words and the Wonder of God.” At the conference, I had the opportunity to hear what was one of the best single messages on worship through music I have heard.. Bob Kauflin is the speaker – he has been a worship pastor for several years and now heads up overseeing all worship for Sovereign Grace Ministries. ┬áHere is the link to his message “Why We Sing?”. He has also written the excellent book “Worship Matters” that should be mandatory reading for anyone involved in the music ministry in their church.

This message is a great appendix for my sermon “Breaking Barriers, part 2” from Sunday, July 22. In my sermon, I spent a good amount of time clarifying Jesus’ teaching on “true worship”(John 4:20-42) and Kauflin does a tremendous job helping us understand the music ministry of the church. My hope is that you ‘ll take the time to watch the video and/or read the transcript. Enjoy.